Thank you for being part of our journey . . .

As we embrace the challenges for the new year, I wanted to publish a heartfelt thank you for those who did not receive my mailing last month:


We are encouraged by your engagement to the caregiving community and look forward on how we can pool resources together so that we can accomplish great things.

Being in the early stages of our organization’s efforts to address so many unfulfilled needs for caregivers in the region, we are hopeful you can help us build a platform that will keep caregivers doing what they love.

One need which the Brighton Support Foundation is addressing has to do with the professional education component of being a caregiver. Under this effort, the Brighton Leadership Institute was created to help develop future leaders with leadership and management training.

Secondly, through our community partners and sponsors, we have also been able to form key relationships where participating organizations offer valuable product and service discounts that help ease the financial burden of being a caregiver. This benefit is extended to all registered members of the Brighton Support Foundation.

And thirdly, we know that life challenges can be an obstacle to being a caregiver whether it is a financial or emotional hardship. With the support resources we are putting together, we are confident that we can harness the power of community in helping sustain caregivers in the profession, for many years to come.

The National Alliance for Caregiving has already identified that three years from now, 117 million Americans are expected to need caregiving assistance. So in 2020, there will only be 5 million paid caregivers in the country. Clearly this raises the question of who will be delivering care and how this will impact the delivery continuum.

Help us meet this huge opportunity of supporting caregivers by elevating the status of the profession. Through your generous support and involvement, we can change the story.

I am reminded of a recent trip by our founder to South Africa, where he shared with me an old African proverb that says, “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Share our vision of supporting caregivers and include the Brighton Support Foundation in your conversation today and let’s accomplish great things together.

Thank you again for being part of our journey.

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