AT&T Signature Program Offers Caregivers Discounted Rates on Cell Phone Services


With cell phones being the ubiquitous device in our lives, our caregiving community has found a telecommunications partner in AT&T’s Signature Program.

Usually, corporate organizations are able to obtain discounts not commonly available to the average consumer.  We are happy to announce however, that the Brighton Support Foundation has arranged a program that allows caregivers, friends and family members to take advantage of an 8% discount on the monthly bill. The program also extends further discounts to accessories that you may need for your device.

To take advantage of this benefit, all you need to do is go to any AT&T store and provide the IRU number to a store representative to start saving now. The IRU# is: 7948362.

Employees of Brighton Supported Living, friends, family and anyone registered with the Brighton Support Foundation can immediately take advantage of this program when they sign-up with AT&T. Existing AT&T subscribers can also modify their account and switch to the program as appropriate. For your convenience, you can visit the AT&T store at 4315 NE Thurston Way, Suite 100, near the Vancouver Mall or contact them at 360 718 2807.





For updated news about the foundation and it’s outreach programs, visit or contact Corporate Communications at 360 574 7780, extension 115. If you would like to be involved with the Brighton Support Foundation, consider becoming a member by registering here.

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